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Planet Math Teams Up With Impact Mentoring

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

August 13, 2018

Planet Math, a tutoring academy founded by Sergio Pitcher and Kevin Warner, has teamed up with Impact Mentoring Academy, to provide math instruction and programme for Impact’s students.

With Planet Math making a move to a Hamilton location, this partnership with Impact Mentoring Academy is beneficial for both entities.

Sergio Pitcher, Co-Founder of Planet Math said, “We will offer Impact an absolutely dynamic math program. One in which various learning styles are catered to.

“We will achieve this by using a combination of technology, hands on activities, and a rigorous program designed to make real world application. I have 17 years of classroom experience at all levels and have had much success in teaching students of all ages. I am high energy and very enthusiastic about mathematics.

“Students love my teaching style and more importantly, they learn! In addition, I have several years of experience mentoring with young men in several different capacities.”

He continues, “Since the move, we have built a team of tutors, mainly Actuarial College students. We also have Kevin Warner, the other founder, acts as our Head of Finance, Operations and Logistics, who is a youth football coach among many other things.

“He will also provide some mentoring and serve as an example to the young men of Impact. We have several young Bermudian men, some who are Actuarial Science Students, working with Planet Math that will serve Impact’s mission well.”

“We are pleased to have Planet Math as a partner with Impact Mentoring Academy. Many of our students currently take tutoring courses with Planet Math and we’ve seen improvement in their comprehension. Mr. Pitcher’s years of experience as a math instructor and mentor will benefit our boys, not only academically, but socially, a foundational component of Impact,” said Impact Executive Director Chris Crumpler.

He continues; “As Impact continues to grow in strength, producing young men who have the foundation needed to grow into strong, well rounded, productive men of our community, we are pleased to grow our partnership with established institutions to assist with this goal.”

For more information about Impact Mentoring Academy and enrollment, please call 747-4621 or email

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