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What is IMPACT Mentoring Academy?  

It is a holistic educational community, (mentoring, life & work-readiness program for teen-aged males).


Is IMA a Home School?

No. It is registered as a small private school with the Ministry Of Education in Bermuda as a member of their Alternative Education Partnership.


Is IMA for troubled boys?

IMA is for all kinds of boys. We do not see boys as “troubled”. We do see some as at risk due to circumstances beyond their control. We have a wide range of students who enroll for varying reasons. The common concern is usually that conventional educational arrangements have not worked well for them. (Note: 75% of our senior level students came to  us after failing conventional high school)


Does IMA support students with learning challenges?

Yes. We, however, are limited in servicing all learning challenges. IMA is not a special education school, but we have partners who assist with special education needs.


Where is IMA located?

23 Berkeley Road, Pembroke (the entrance to the Old Berkeley Building)


What curriculum do you use? Is it accredited?

The foundational curriculum is the LIFEPAC curriculum. It is based in the USA. We also prepare students for GED exams.


What kind of diplomas do you offer?

High School Diploma as well as General Education Diploma.


How long has the program been in existence?   

This is our 13th year of operation and our 12th year as a charity. The charitable structure was created in 2008.


What makes IMA unique?

It is a mentoring academy. Education is holistic; i.e. value-based. A strong emphasis is placed on personal development and career focus. It is an approach created specifically for male development in all areas. Hence our Technical Trades & Life Coaching Programs and our Expeditionary Curriculum. In addition to this, the program is highly focused on each individual. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and gain real-world work experience via internships. 

How many students stay in the program?

91% of students enrolled remain in the program


What is IMA’s graduation rate?  

97% of students that remain in the program graduate


How many of your graduates go on to college? 

84% of graduates go on to college/university. 13% go directly to the workforce, normally through our internship program. Since 2016, 100% of our graduates have found placement either in tertiary institutions or jobs. (Note: more than 60% of graduates are first-generation college students, as it pertains to their paternal lineage & more than 60% of graduates have received college scholarships) 


What is the vision of IMA? 

The vision of IMA is to see a generation of young men emerge as responsible world citizens, equipped for leadership and a life of positive productivity. 

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